About Pocolytics

Pocolytics is a Sales Performance Management Software Company. We help businesses to manage their sales performance and enable the sales teams to achieve better results with more effective automation of their daily tasks. Our mission is to provide technology solutions that positively influence the business and address the workplace challenges. We deliver innovative and next-edge technology, which is a game-changer in the sales performance management space. Our product allows businesses to automate their sales compensation calculations and provides increased transparency to their sales reps as well as maximize efficiency of workflow. The team is well experienced in the field of Sales Performance Management and has been working with some of the biggest brands in India. We are committed to delivering a solution that can help businesses automate their sales compensation process, provide increased transparency to their sales reps and businesses while maximizing efficiency of workflow.

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Product Overview

Pocolutics is an all-in-one solution that keeps track of everything on sales Analytics' including Sales performance, Quota management, sales Incentive, Compensation Plans, and Payout Computation. It gives you access to reports that let you see how well your business is doing at every stage of its lifecycle.


Manage your Roster


Design your compensation plan


Payout Computation


Interactive Dashboards

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Pocolytics is a fast-growing tech house Providing Sales Analytics, and cloud-based software solutions for businesses. We help our clients get more out of their technology investments by providing tools that help them grow their businesses, connect with customers more effectively, and make better use of their resources.


Sales Performance management

Elevate efficiency and performance for sales managers.


Incentive Compnesation

calculate the right incentives efficiently in Realtime.


Quota Management

Manage and design as many Quota for your needs.

Why Pocolytics

Pocolytics is a business automation platform that helps businesses make better sales commission calculations. With Pocolytics, companies can automate data collection, calculations, and reporting across the entire sales compensation process. This ensures that you are accurately calculating your commission and compensation plans. By automating the sales commission calculation process, you can increase the effectiveness of your compensation plan and reduce errors. The result is a more accurate plan that will lead to overpayments and fraud.

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    Automate Calculations

    • AI algorithm
    • Ability to Pull data from external CRMs
    • Real-Time Data Analysis and payout Calculation
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    Motivate and coach with real time dashboards

    • Able to deliver reports for all access levels
    • Alerts Sales Executives to be focused on their goals
    • Helps in Planning and execution of Target accusation
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    No more errors
    • Data validation Algorithm
    • Data Integrity Algorithm
    • Predictive model
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    Reconcile revenue with crm data
    • Payout Management Module
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    One Stop Solution
    • Sales Performance Management
    • Incentive Compensation
    • Quota Management
    • Sales Pipeline Analysis
    • Roster Management
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