Become a pioneer innovator and facilitator in the rising market of Bitcoin without any expertise in the field!

Rapid Income

Skip the wait and start earning right after you start your Instaqoin teller business.

Passive Earning

Make money while you sleep, there are no complicated operations involved in running an Instaqoin teller business.

Booming Market

Bitcoin industry has become one of the largest industries and the size is only projected to increase in the future.

End-to-end Design

We take care of all your hardware and software needs. You get it all ready to use.

How an Instaqoin business works


You receive a pre-configured iPad and a receipt printer

We will provide you with a pre-configured iPad through which to run the Instaqoin teller application with a simple login. We also provide a receipt printer to help make transactions smoother. Operating the application is as simple as it can be and does not require any technical expertise.


Customers pay you cash to be converted to cryptocurrency

People who want to invest in cryptocurrency pay you cash to be converted into cryptocurrency. You get the business and they get the convenience.


You charge a fee for the transaction

For each transaction performed, you charge a fee and that is how you make your profits from a simple Instaqoin teller business. The more the transactions, the more you earn.


The business goes on

Our online portal enables you to keep track of your business from the comfort of your home. In case you want to expand your business and offer services in multiple locations, Instaqoin team is always ready to help you because your growth and ours is essentially the same.

The Time is Ripe!

When it comes to running any business or getting into any industry, timing plays a big role in your success. Right now is the perfect time to get into an Instaqoin teller business for two reasons. Firstly, due to the rising interest in cryptocurrency the industry is expanding rapidly and there is a high demand for such a service as provided by the Instaqoin teller. Secondly, the competition is low and the field is still open to play as there are not many that are providing such a service yet. High demand and low competition are the ideal set of conditions that a product or service needs to be successful in the market. With Instaqoin teller, you can become a pioneer in the field while also making some big money.