When you are ready to start Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training DEI in your organization but do not know where or the best way to begin.

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“I worked with Khalil during a 6 part DEI training series with my company. Khalil does an amazing job of creating a safe space to discuss what can be very difficult and uncomfortable topics. His approach is calm and honest, he keeps it real which I really appreciated. Our sessions didn't feel like corporate training, but rather open discussions amongst our group.”
“I worked with Khalil through my company’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program. Khalil created a comfortable space, allowing the group to open up and share experiences free of judgement. His program is thought-provoking, authentic, and in my opinion, should be a part of every company’s training system! Khalil challenged the group in a supportive, professional way and I’m grateful to have been a part of his program.”
“I met Khalil as a participant in my company's Diversity and Equality Inclusion program. Khalil divided the program into digestible pieces, allowing us all individual time to participate in the conversation without the fear or anxiety of judgement. I enjoyed his program and the perspective Khalil brought to each topic. ”
“I worked with Khalil through my employer. Khalil took our 12-person team through an introductory racial equity course over a six-month period. Khalil is professional, knowledgeable, and really made an impact. His approach to racial equity with a focus on mindfulness and team building has helped us continue to build an inclusive and supportive work environment for all. I would highly recommend 901 Consulting. ”
“During the spring of 2018, as the lead attorney for The Massachusetts Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, I worked with Khalil who was one of the lead state organizers for the campaign. Khalil was our legal liaison, so he communicated directly with our attorneys from the National Lawyers Guild in the greater Boston area and in western Massachusetts. Khalil was an impressive and skillfull organizer and distinguished himself with his character, work ethic, passion for justice, and curiosity about the law. He kept our team up to speed about all demonstrations and civil disobedience actions and was present at all court hearings, supporting the other activists in the campaign. He was particularly adept with communications, ensuring that accurate and timely information flowed to the proper people. It was truly a pleasure working with a dedicated and passionate activist like Khalil on the Poor People’s Campaign. ”