When you are ready to start Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training DEI in your organization but do not know where or the best way to begin.

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901 Consulting is about raising the standards in designing a company culture, its systems and brand with justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. We use the acronym J.E.D.I. (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) to highlight the goal of our programming as well as the energy and authority we bring to the work. We consider ourselves as JEDI authority agents and the clients that we consult and become certified also become part of the JEDI authority. We operate on the highest level of integrity, insight, and innovation in designing and delivering your company solutions. Our JEDI certification process provides individuals and organizations with certified skills to become a JEDI authority. This means having the skills to set proper company infrastructure, network and support to maintain an organizational operational process that integrates policies and systems that align with racial equity, diversity, inclusion, belonging, high performance, and strategic growth. We are a Black owned and operated company with the goal of being the authority on the workplace, the D&I industry trends and best practices, employee rights, the trauma informed workplace, and design thinking for modern company culture.

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  • Everyone is born whole and good.
  • Everyone is affected by trauma.
  • Healing and Repair is possible.

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