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AD WEEK: Savage X Fenty’s AR Sizing Tech Knows What Will Look Best on You

By Lisa Lacy Fit:Match pairs shoppers with 'fit twins' to recommend sizes and styles As it prepares to open its first-ever retail locations, lingerie brand Savage X Fenty said its inaugural store in Las Vegas will feature augmented reality (AR) technology from apparel matching platform Fit:Match. The AR tech uses body shape data—not standard measurements—to help brands match customers with the best-fitting products. Once a Savage X Fenty customer conducts an AR body scan, Fit:Match’s algorithm analyzes their body shape to match them with a “fit twin,” which is based on the shape profile of an actual person and “functions as the shopper’s personal fit model.” Fit:Match can then recommend the sizes and styles that will look best on each shopper’s specific body. Savage X Fenty is a brand known for size inclusivity, offering bra sizes from 32 to 46 in bands and A to H in cups, as well as underwear and sleepwear from XS to 3X. “We’re extremely pleased to partner with Fit:Match to lead innovation in the shopping experience and eliminate the fit question for our Savage X Fenty customers,” said co-presidents Christiane Pendarvis and Natalie Guzman in a statement. In addition to using body shape data to recommend products, Fit:Match also builds a size-shape database for brand partners like Savage X Fenty. “Shape, which cannot be accurately predicted by surveys and measurements, is the most important determinant of fit, especially for a category as complex as bras,” added Fit:Match CEO Haniff Brown. After its retail debut in Las Vegas, Fit:Match AR technology will roll out to “all Savage X Fenty customers across all channels” in 2022. Savage X Fenty also plans to open stores in Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. in early 2022. Read the original article on AdWeek