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    Endowments are the future of giving

    Less than 60% of charities have enough saved in their reserves to cover more than one year of operating costs. Angel Protocol plays a critical role in solving this challenge.

    Endowments are a powerful tool that charities use to grow their donations. However, traditional endowments can be expensive to set up, access, and maintain. Angel Protocol has developed a platform providing easy access to low-risk, high-yield endowments that provide charities financial freedom. Donors give once, and give forever.


    Founded with nonprofit leaders and improved through your feedback


    We take security seriously. We also offer insurance to protect your assets.


    All funds are governed by open-source, audited smart contracts

    Angel Protocol enables your charity to thrive from decentralized financial products, without the complexity

    Attract new donors

    Cryptocurrency investors have limited platforms to make donations. We are scaling across various cryptocurrencies to bring your charity new donors who are looking to make a sustainable impact.

    Easy setup

    Our team of experts are here to answer any questions that your charity has about decentralized financial products, from accepting donations, to converting donations to USD. We support you through the entire setup.

    Low cost

    No monthly fees and no setup costs. We leverage the low-cost of decentralized finance and pass along those savings to you.

    Minimal management

    Your endowment is automatically leveraging the highest yield, low-risk decentralized financial products. There’s no need for a fund manager and we provide the investment policy. Your charity dashboard will provide all the information you need.




    Charities register to be listed on our donation marketplace. Each charity is listed with an alignment to one or more United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). ​.



    Donors that are looking to make a sustainable impact, select an individual charity or group of charities (Angel Protocol Charity Index) to donate to. They select what percent of their donations go to the charity’s endowment versus account for immediate access.



    Charity endowments grow at high-yield rates. Each month, a portion of the endowment is released to the charity’s liquid account for immediate access.

    “Angel Protocol is a revolutionary idea for sustainable giving and sustainable impact”

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